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Servei d'Educació Física i Esports
Activity Area

The Activity Area is responsible for organising and coordinating all activities aimed at promoting outdoor sports and physical exercise among the university community.

Our main goal is to offer more opportunities to do physical exercise by bringing the supply closer to the work area, so that health and wellbeing can be improved and a healthy lifestyle promoted, all this having an effect on the quality of life and social relations.

A wide range of activities are offered taking into account the needs of the university groups (lecturers and researchers, administrative staff, students, elderly students, Erasmus students, children of the employees, etc.) as well as those of external users. The objective is to keep fit, have fun and benefit from the advantages of physical exercise.
Nau Gran (senior citizens) activities: Ball room dancing, Massaging, Keepfit gymnastics, Pilates, T’ai chi -Chi kung.
Children’s activities: Tennis, Self-defence (girls), Yoga, Judo and Skating.


For more information, download activity files atthe Sports Service of the UV:


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